Monday, May 25, 2009

Hello World!

I wanted to have a blog for quite a long time, and now I have a good reason to start it: Google Summer of Code 2009.

My project is to implement phyloXML support in BioRuby and I am working for NESCent organization.

Here is the project abstract:

Phylogenetic trees are used in important applications, including phylogenomics, phylogeography, gene function prediction, cladistics and the study of molecular evolution. In order to foster successful analysis, exchange, storage and reuse of phylogenetic trees and associated data, the phyloXML format was developed. It can store all necessary information about the phylogenetic tree, like clade, sequence, name and distance. The goal of this project is to implement support for phyloXML in BioRuby.

My project page is:

The source code is on GitHub:

I have been using Open Source software for quite a long time already and I am now excited to contribute back to community.


  1. This looks like an interesting project, and it's nice to see more girls in GSoC :)

  2. Congratulations from fellow GSOCer in Lithuania.

    Indeed this looks like an interesting project. A friend of mine studying bioinformatics and every time he ask me to debug one of his bioperl apps it gives me shakes. Good to know that someday he may be switching to ruby

  3. @Sergej

    Yes, indeed perl gives me shakes too. I took a bioinformatics class and we had to code in Perl, fairly quickly I switched to Ruby and I was so much happier and more productive.